Human factors engineering (HFE) is the scientific study of how people interact with complex systems. HFE is part of a systems engineering process to make products, processes, and other human system interfaces more manageable and consistent with what is known about people. HFE focuses on the cognitive, psychological, psychosocial, and behavioral elements of people performing work.  Ergonomics is understood as the physical, physiological, and biological elements of people performing work.  Larger psychosocial structures can also be studied for interpersonal, group, and corporate interaction, which is broadly termed as organizational culture. HFE and ergonomics should typically be considered early in the design phase and throughout the product lifecycle. With the cross-industry expertise in the areas of military, nuclear, and consumer product design, human factors and ergonomics principles were successfully integrated with multiple product lines and effectively reduced cognitive, physical, and psychological disparities through intelligent application of principles.

Working with Szabo Design + Engineering helps our clients to:

  • Increase safety in their processes and products
  • Determine and resolve user-centered design issues
  • Increase customer / employee satisfaction
  • Precisely define and respond to customer needs
  • Garner a stronger understanding of their users and user expectations

Human factors engineering is a rewarding profession that allows intervention early in a product or process design that must be used by people. People can design and use products more safely, efficiently, and effectively if human factors engineering is included in the design process. Benefits are typically recognized at the end of the design process and well into the life of the product or process. As a result of our industrial and manufacturing engineering experience, product and process efficiencies can be seen throughout our work products and results. Our project experience includes research and development, practical design application, and system integration in a variety of industries.
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