Nuclear, User Experience and User Interface

Nuclear User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

Maintenance Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Pacific Gas and Electric

For Invensys Corporation
Developed touch screen maintenance workstation (MWS) system requirements specification, software requirements specification, master configuration list, and draft test plan for maintenance workstation for TLX platform.

Office Website Development
For the NRC
Developed wireframes for a website to consolidate agency / office / division procedural guidance for the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research. Coordinated with web designer to facilitate draft web pages. 

Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package (SNAP) Usability
For the NRC
Developed a user profile for a graphical user interface (GUI) for thermal hydraulic coding software. Developed and administered survey to users. Began statistical analyses for dependencies amongst user profile characteristics using Matlab.

Nuclear, Program Development and Program Management

Nuclear Program Development and Program Management

MPower HFE Program Development
For Bechtel Power Corporation

Developed operating experience and functional requirements analysis and allocation programs to support the secondary side design. Led functional requirements elicitation through targeted focus groups and facilitation.

Program Manager 

For the NRC
Prepared procurement packages to include request for proposals, contract acceptance, contract monitoring, and contract closeout. Coordinated with internal staff to ensure customer’s needs were met and deliverables met goals / timelines. Negotiated cost disparities and other contractual issues. Monitored contract effectiveness. Reported contract progress and deliverables to staff and management. Provided oversight and technical guidance to contractors. Maintained project file and associated paperwork and contractual documentation. Coordinated with internal steering committees, review boards, and Advisory Committee for Reactor Safeguards (ACRS).

Nuclear, Training

Nuclear Training

Human Factors Engineering Training
For Bechtel Power Corporation
Developed and delivered introductory human factors training for instrumentation and control group.

Risk Communication
For the NRC
Prepared and tested training materials through surveys and focus groups. Training based on risk communication guidelines research and technical basis.

Staffing Assessment
For the NRC
Developed training on task network modeling as applied to staffing. Training based on staffing research and technical basis.

Fitness for Duty (FFD)
For the NRC
Coordinated and prepared 10 CFR Part 26 training to inspectors. The training focused on the new rule implementation.

EPR and Operating Experience
For the NRC
The primary intent of this research was to evaluate the human factors and human reliability of the EPR license application based on insights from operating experience. Konvoi and N4 reactor designs were considered the basis for operating experience reviews. The EPR operating experience review on human performance became training for license reviewers.

Nuclear, Process and Design

Nuclear Process and Design Guidance

Local Control Station Guidelines for Bellefonte 1 Re-start

For Areva Corporation
Developed Tennessee Valley Authority’s manual for engineers to design the maintenance functions and tasks incorporating sound human factors and ergonomic principles.

Control Room Space Technical Specification for Bellefonte
For Areva Corporation
Acted as subject matter expert (SME) on main control space requirements document to include habitability, stowage, and other control room interfaces. Coordinated with other reactor operators to identify and define main control panel instrumentation and controls.

Risk Communication
For the NRC
Organized and coordinated focus groups, interviews, and surveys. Coordinated with the steering committee comprised of representatives from each respective office, risk assessors, and risk program managers. Prepared briefings, presentations, and memoranda for inner office and agency-wide communication as well as public conferences. Briefed senior management (including presidential appointees) on project insights. Prepared and reviewed / tested internal and external risk communication guidelines.

Crisis Communication 
For the NRC
Proposed call center structure, materials, and briefing information for protracted events. Interviewed internal and external customers for insights into crisis communication best practices. Trained as a key member for emergency preparedness exercises.

Manual Actions
For the NRC
Coordinated with Army Research Laboratory (ARL) on workload assessment and use of task network modeling as applied to manual actions. Defined common workload assessment techniques and explained their use. Developed human factors and human reliability crosswalk using The Human Error Rate Prediction (THERP) method. Assessment of manual actions reported to NRC, regulations for license modifications, and roles and responsibilities of reactor operators and shift technical advisors. Evaluated task sequence relevance in context to workload measures. Drafted charter for research review board.

Nuclear, Testing and Evaluation

Nuclear Testing and Evaluation

Simulator Studies for Bellefonte 1 Re-start

For Areva Corporation
Developed part task simulator and drafted preliminary simulation studies for its use. Co-authored preliminary test plan for part task simulator, including graphical user interface (GUI) and control design verification.

Combined Research and Test Facility with Control Systems For the NRC Assisted in planning and evaluating industry need and contribution towards a research and test facility. Drafted a research summary on key facilities or universities with reactors, instrumentation and control, and adequate human factors programs. Prepared and coordinated with various entities for discussions about the combined research and test facility.

Nuclear, Staffing

Nuclear Staffing

Procedural Guidance for Staffing Assessment

For the NRC
Provided technical justification for challenging 50.54 minimum staffing levels. Facilitated and defined research in methods for proving that the number and mix of staff to control reactor operations (10 CFR 50.54) are adequate. Instituted task network modeling as a method to prove staffing is adequate. Provided guidance as to how to review staffing exemption requests to include simulation, task network modeling, and tabletop methods. Drafted summary of all research studies for staffing levels for reactors. Presented research and findings to the Advisory Committee for Reactor Safeguards (ACRS).

Staffing Evaluation of Member Country Programs
For the NRC / IAEA
Awarded for timeliness and dedication on staffing evaluation of international nuclear materials waste programs for member countries.

Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel Fabrication Facility
For the NRC
Acted as a program manager to fuel fabrication human factors licensing review. Performed staffing review of license application.

Fitness for Duty (FFD)
For the NRC
Acted as program manager to the RG 5.73 on FFD for plant personnel. Managed effort on FFD test and evaluation methods (drugs, alcohol, and fatigue). Cleaned and prepared summary comments to rulemaking and regulatory guide.

Safety Culture
For the NRC
Reviewed methods for safety culture evaluation.

Government Procurement and Research Act (GPRA)
For the NRC
Developed metrics and initial survey questions based on GPRA insights.

Nuclear, Human Reliability & Human Factors

Nuclear Human Reliability

Database Reduction

For the NRC
Compared Human Factors Information (HFIS) with Human Error Reliability Analysis (HERA) to determine compatibility between databases.

Human Reliability Assessment (HRA) and Human Performance
For the NRC Provided human factors insights into HRA – NUREG-1792 and NUREG-1764. Evaluated Human Factors Information System (HFIS) and Human Error Repository Analysis (HERA) databases to determine nexus for potential combination and crosswalk.

New Power Plant Human Factors For the NRC
Acted as program manager and provided substantive comments on comprehensive review of key new power plant human factors considerations. Overview included staffing, instrumentation and control, new reactor types outside of light water reactors, and other key regulatory challenges to the licensing structure.

Three Mile Island (TMI) - Human Factors
For the NRC
Conducted in depth research and review of TMI-2 accident with an emphasis on human performance. Prepared a timeline of human actions as they related to machine status and coordinated with graphics to develop a poster.

Nuclear, Quality

Nuclear Quality

Quality Program 95003 Inspection
For the NRC
Participated in a nuclear power plant corrective action program / quality program inspection.

Nuclear, Consequence Analysis

Nuclear Consequence Analysis

State of the Art Reactor Consequence Analysis (SOARCA)

For the NRC
Communication lead on behalf of the division for large-scale interactive meetings to ensure consistent and continuous support to the Office of Public Affairs.

Military, Process and Design

Military Design

M88A2 HERCULES modifications

Developed a unique application of Reason’s human error taxonomy to apply to M88A2 vehicle upgrades. Developed design solutions to long-standing user issues. Provided human factors and safety rationale for the design of M88A2 upgrades. Performed design reviews through preliminary drawing reviews and presentations to the customer. Devised, performed, and documented a wide variety of human factors test and evaluations for M88A2. 

For UDLP Performed tests on a part task simulator. Evaluated and contributed to a cognitive task analysis. Participated in design review meetings and presentations with the customer.

Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB)
Performed human factors evaluation and process steps for utilizing the IRB. Provided human factors and safety rationale for process steps.

V* program (howitzer)
Served as project lead for the implementation of the Manpower Personnel Integration (MANPRINT) system in military tracked vehicles for an international customer based on demonstrated performance. Designed, developed, and completed the system human engineering program plan, human factors engineering design review reports, and human factors test and evaluation program and procedures. Provided human factors and safety rationale for the V*. Completed and reported on all tests for the vehicle design.

Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH)
Initiated and tested noise for the safety of the workers.

Manufacturing, Ergonomics

Manufacturing Ergonomics

Ergonomic Policy and Procedure development

Awarded for manufacturing ergonomic policy and procedure development.

Ergonomics basic training
Developed and conducted a basic ergonomic course for industrial and manufacturing engineers.

Ergonomics software evaluation
Evaluated several software packages used in simulation studies for manufacturing ergonomics. Several software packages were also evaluated for process and manufacturing flow capabilities.

Ergonomic evaluations
Conducted observational evaluations for workstations across manufacturing. Assembly, weld, and hull re-conditioning were a few of the processes and workstations evaluated. Prepared reports with analyses and trained workers to minimize injuries.

Hand Arm Vibration Study
Devised, prepared, and conducted a study for hand arm vibration of various tools to assess frequency of tool transmission (e.g. nutrunners, impact guns, grinders, etc.). Analyzed frequencies and prepared recommendations for key tools for replacement based on frequency, intensity, and duration.

Ergonomic Analyses
For Intel Corporation
Project manger for ergonomic solutions to minimize injury / lost time, correct postural concerns, and enhance productivity in semiconductor cleanroom. Performed ergonomic observational analyses on diffusion tube replacement workstation.

Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering

Manufacturing Industrial Engineering

Cleanroom Power Tool Analyses
For Intel
Instituted power tools across the fab and sub-fab. Designed, developed, and delivered training on ergonomic postures for the appropriate use of the tools.

Rack Installation
For Intel
Supervised installation of Work in Process (WIP)
 racks in the cleanroom. Evaluated layout to determine best location given fixed racks.

Manufacturing, Process and Design

Manufacturing Design

Tool and Fixture Designs 
For Intel 
Designed and prepared drawings for new tools and fixtures to be used in the cleanroom and in the sub-fab. Worked with internal manufacturing staff to develop prototypes. Identified and corrected erroneous postures with unique tools and fixtures.

Designed Fixtures
For Branson Plastic Joining
Evaluated ergonomic postures in ultrasonic vibration weld machine assembly workstations. Designed and prepared drawings for new fixtures to use in assembly. Worked with internal manufacturing staff to develop prototypes.

Bill of Materials (BOMs)
For Acro Industries
Created, updated, and revised bill of materials for multiple tool and die assemblies and parts.

Time Study
For Acro Industries
Performed time study on assembly process. Modified work and process flow for enhanced efficiency in the assembly process.

Facility and Space Planning
For Acro Industries
Analyzed and implemented materials flow properties using Just In Time (JIT) / Kanban techniques. Re-located and re-designed assembly process to a new facility.

Machine Utilization Study
For Acro Industries
Performed work sampling for stamping machine utilization.

Logistics, Process and Design

Logistics Process and Design Guidance

Process and Design Guidance

  • Diagnose, coordinate, and provide oversight to conveyor, electrical, plumbing, roofing, paving, fuel island, forklift, pneumatic, hydraulic, door, lock, dock seal, Programmable logic controllers (PLCs), signage, conveyor, and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) repairs.
  • Oversee appropriate methods, procedures, and policy implementation for environmental, regulated goods, purchasing, cost control, local statute, and national codes.
  • Reviewed and recommended methods, processes, layouts, and plans to enhance operations.

Program Development / Management
  • Audit and manage corrective actions to respond to hazardous material program discrepancies. Lead or participate in waste management, fire inspection, inventory reconciliation, regulated goods, and environmental audits.
  • Saved $5k in project initiatives. Completed assessments and analyses to evaluate cost effectiveness and measures to reduce waste in tasks, methods, and staffing.

Logistics, Training

Logistics Training

Train employees on hazardous material identification through regulated goods program. Trained operations and management staff in new methods, processes, and procedures.

Logistics, Quality

Logistics Quality

Sorting Process Quality

For Emory Worldwide / Menlo Postal Logistics
Sampled mail to determine quality characteristics of mail sort process. Performed time studies for volume flow calculations. Prepared documents for quality reports for supervisors and production.

Consumer Products, User Experience and User Interface

Consumer Product User Experience

User Interface (UI) specifications for BFE

For Eastman Kodak Company
Updated software specifications using state event tables and developed revision reports. Coordinated with international software developers during team meetings for successful outcomes.

Usability Testing for BFE Design
For Eastman Kodak Company
Provided oversight and co-authored usability test plan(s). Conducted usability observational evaluation to ensure usability test credibility and better products. Developed unique measurable criterion for usability testing.

Heuristic Evaluation for a Hardware Controller
For Eastman Kodak Company
Developed and completed heuristic evaluation of a potential new hardware controller. Presented to the team for their input and perspective.

Technical Criteria Development for Product Features
For Eastman Kodak Company
Developed technical criteria to evaluate similar features across competitor products for improved features in design.

Consumer Products, Quality

Consumer Product Quality

Quality Inspection on Prototype Camera
For Eastman Kodak Company 
Identified and reported quality issues on prototype against software specifications to designers and software developers. Evaluated specific cases in BFE software to resolve with developers.

Quality Procedures
For Branson Plastic Joining
Wrote / updated work instructions for ultrasonic machine weld assembly process (for ISO 9000). Created, updated, and maintained work instructions log. Created and maintained fixture log. Performed document control.

Insurance, Ergonomics

Insurance Ergonomics

Return to Work (RTW) / Ergonomics
For Windham Group
Assess extent of injury to determine workplace suitability. Evaluate job roles and injuries for opportunities for insurance adjusters. Perform task analyses to identify ergonomic adjustments to environment, machine, accessibility, and other factors.

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